Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research is an online international journal to promote all fields of Chemical Sciences like Organic Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Photochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Agricultural and Soil Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Macromolecular Chemistry, Petroleum Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry and Phytochemistry as well as all aspects of Chemical Engineering etc. rss//rss/jocpr-volume-13-issue-7-year-2021.xml Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Volume 13, Issue 7 Synthesis and Invitro Antimalarial Activity of Estrone based Carbohydrazide Mistry S*, Singh AK A Review on Proniosome As a Drug Carrier Anupam Sachan, Sunil Kumar, Tapasya Dwivedi * Spectrophotometric and RPHPLC Methods for Simultaneous Determinationof Pharmaceutical Formulation for Anticancer Drugs Alhemiary N, Nafarhan Synthesis Spectroscopic and Antimicrobial Studies of Cu II and Fe III Complexes of Heterocyclic Schiff Base Ligand Deshmukh SY, Padole NS, Wadekar MP, Chaudhari MA A Dyanamic Organic Ball Pharmaceutical Application Patil TD, Mali DR, Amrutkar SV NafionH act as a Mild Efficient Reusable Catalyst for the Synthesis of 2Substituted1HBenzimidazoles in solvent free condition Arup Datta* A Genetic Study on Herbal Formulations Approach to its Neuroprotective Antioxidant and AntiInflammatory Properties Against the Peroxidative DNA Damage and Apoptosis in Morphine Induced Sprague Dawley Rats An Alternative Perspective Deborah Anna Van Oosterhout* New terpenoides and Steroids from Syzygium cumini Barks Varsha Nigam Gour* Synthesis and Characterization of New Ssubstituted Sulfanypyridines 3Aminothieno23b Pyridines and 31Hpyrrol1yl Thieno23b Pyridines and Related Heterocycles Etify Bakhite* AntiObesity and AntiInflammatory Effects of Banana Peel Extract Phytosome Dietary Supplement in High Fat Diet Induced Obesity in Male Sprague Dawley Rat Model Raghad Abdulfattah Jomard*