Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research is an online international journal to promote all fields of Chemical Sciences like Organic Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Photochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Agricultural and Soil Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Macromolecular Chemistry, Petroleum Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry and Phytochemistry as well as all aspects of Chemical Engineering etc. rss//rss/jocpr-volume-10-issue-12-year-2018.xml Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Volume 10, Issue 12 The Corrosion Inhibition Study of Expired Doxercalciferol Drug as Nontoxic Inhibitor for Mild Steel MS in 3M Hcl Medium Narasimha Raghavendra Synthesis of 8chlorofluoro3aryl10aH 1245 Tetrazino Benzothiozole and their Analgesic and AntiInflammatory Activity KM Basavaraja and B Somasekhar Determination of Total Phenols and Flavonoid Content of Bryonia laciniosa by Spectrophotometric Method Shashikala M, Mamata Shah and Milind Pande A Study of Correlation between Nickelbased Alloy HastelloyC276 Machining and Cutting Tool Life Shao-Hsien Chen Determination of Total Curcuminoid Content and Free Radical Scavenging Activity of Turmeric curcuma longa linn Ethanol Extract with Different Soil type Sing dpph 11 diphenyl2picrylhydrazyl Any Guntarti and Romadhina Nurficahyanti Epitope Based Vaccine Strategy against Sea Anemone Toxins through in Silico Route Sriparna Ray and Jayanta Sinha Study of the Influence of the Hamma Outita Thermal Spring on the Quality of Oued Hamma Sidi Slimane Morocco Aitsi Salah, El Kharrim Khadija, Belghyti Driss Antifungal Properties of a New Series of Terpolymer Resins Derived from Benzyl24dihydroxyphenyl Ketone FormaldehydeFurfural and 4Oxoacids Cherkupally Sanjeeva Reddy, Malladi Sunitha, Pendam Prashanth Babu and Kaneez Fatima