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Superabsorbent of nanocomposite cellulose rice husk poly (acrylate co acrylamide) applied as eco-friendly slow release fertilizer

Author(s): Helmiyati and Silvi Kurniawan

The results of cellulose isolation from rice husk used as a backbone to the synthesis of nanocomposite superabsorbent copolymerization. Cellulose has been isolated from rice husks and can be separated from the lignin and hemicellulose, it is not found of lignin absorption on FTIR and supported by SEM and XRD. The average rendement of cellulose-1 obtained 39.50 % and 59.50 % for cellulose-2. The diffraction pattern of XRD obtained crystallinity index of rice husk 42.60 % which increased after isolated to 67.80% for cellulose-1 and cellulose-2 60.20 %.The product of superabsorbent polymerization determined the grafting efficiency, the greater efficiency of grafting more monomers grafted, as shown by SEM. Overview of the factors that affect the swelling equilibrium has been studied. The best swelling capacity is SA2 with composition 0.1 gram cellulose, 0.5 mmol/L MBA and 7.94 mmol/L KPS with swelling capacity of water and urea 845.53 g/g, 667.80 g/g, respectively. Rate parameter of swelling fit with Voigt equation, which means that small rate parameter indicates the high swelling speed.


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